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I recently had the pleasure of working with Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete on a major driveway renovation project at my property. I must say, from start to finish, the experience has been nothing short of outstanding.From the initial consultation, Jacob and his team were attentive and thorough. They took the time to understand my needs, offered valuable suggestions, and presented a comprehensive proposal that demonstrated their expertise in the field. I felt confident that I was in good hands with Buck Brothers.Throughout the project, communication was seamless. Their team kept me informed of their progress, always checking in to ensure I was satisfied with their work. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed promptly and professionally.The quality of their work is exceptional. The newly paved driveway not only looks fantastic but also functions perfectly, with proper drainage and a smooth, even surface. It's evident that Buck Brothers takes pride in their work, and their attention to detail is second to none.I cannot recommend Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete highly enough. Their 75 years of experience in Toledo speaks for itself, and their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their work. If you're in need of asphalt or concrete services, look no further than Buck Brothers – you won't be disappointed!

Fair, professional, responsive, and high quality work in completing some parking lot repairs at our shopping center.

Best in the business. The entire team was on it from start to finish. Couldn't be happier with the final product.

I had 4 driveways to remove and replace, it was done as promised . On time, very efficient crew and proffesional look, i coldn't be any happier..i highly recommend this company as they are local on top of their good work ethic I didn't realize i need to sealcoat it the following year .. my thaught that seal coating should have been included in the bid so they are following up on their work and making sure everything is done as it is suuposed to be done & definetly creats a better relationship with the customer..

The concrete work looks beautiful! I already told Buck Brothers' project manager that the work was not completed per the contract though. No rubber expansion joints was installed next to the existing concrete. But project manager changed the contract to add the rubber expansions. I think they forgot to install the rubber expansions, now they are saying the rubber expansions are not needed. But I am hoping the new concrete work will remain beautiful, otherwise we will have more conversations about them not meeting the terms of the contract. Thank you

It's only been 3 days since my my new driveway has been installed but, thus far, it has been a painless process from start to finish so I am giving Buck Brothers a 5 star review. Tommy met with me promptly for the estimate and answered all questions and concerns, Jacob kept in contact concerning days and start times and followed through with the asphalt part of the project. Crews were professional, efficient, and careful working around my above ground pool which made the area a tight fit for the driveway. The quote given was fair and affordalbe. My expectations have been exceeded so far. I still haven't parked on it as I am letting the asphalt cure, and it has yet to go through the freeze and thaw part of our Ohio winters. However, so far I am quite happy with my decision and the company I chose. As of now, I would recommend Buck Brothers and will use them again when the time comes to seal coat or do preventative maintenance to keep my driveway looking good and in good condition. Thank you, Jacob, Tommy and crews!

They showed up in the time window they provided, which was small. They were fast to get the job done. Very clean and high quality work. Highly recommended.

Terrific job done by the Buck Bros. crew. Very careful and respectful of our property. Looks great!!

Quick, neat, and looks great.

Best by far. Best of the best.

Buck Brothers did a nice job sealing the driveway. The surface looks much smoother and hopefully will be more durable than previous sealer. Would like a few areas repaired in the future before next sealing. I would recommend them and will use them next time.

Did an excellent job both coating the driveway and taking care of associated issues with cracks.

The crew did a great job! Respectful of my property! Didn't fill all the cracks in blacktop.

We were very pleased with the work and follow up.

I have had Buck Bros a few times and they have always done excellent work

Very nice job. We've used Buck Bros. for years and have always been happy.

They installed this driveway in June of 2018 and it has held up well. Buck bros seals it every 2 years and it looks incredible. I can't imagine a better job at any price. Trust me you don't need multiple bids for their work. As a career purchasing manager I find the value more than justifies paying a few dollars more. This company will beat anyone with their skill, quality, and respect for your property. I expect the best for my money, not the cheapest price. You will never have buyers remorse with this company.

The guys that resealed our driveway were really nice.

They were fast, friendly, affordable and did a great job.

Over all they did a great job

Did a great job on our residential driveway. We live on the river and the driveway is heavily slopped and surrounded by retaining walls that we just spent a lot of money replacing. The Buck team did a fantastic job tearing out the old asphalt and took great care in avoiding any damage to the surrounding walls. After the teardown they found that the original driveway was missing a stone base which likely caused it to shift, buckle, and crack which is why I opted for the full tear out instead of just a quicker skim. I didn't know what was wrong but felt that something was. They dug out and added the needed base before laying the new asphalt. The asphalt team did as good of a job as the teardown team with laying a smooth surface in a tight area with many angles and slopes again without damaging all the new brick work. Both teams were very conscientious and detail oriented and did a great job cleaning up the work area when complete. They will be my go-to for any future paving / concrete / sealing jobs I may have.

Very pleased with the driveway sealing they did for me.

Used Buck Brothers, they did a Great Job!!!!!


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A Top 100 seal-coating company in the USA

A 4th generation asphalt paver, Chad Buck’s family has been providing Toledo with the best in asphalt paving since 1950.

Their years of experience and outstanding customer service have made Buck Brothers Paving the best choice for asphalt paving, service and maintenance in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

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At Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete we have the connections to complete a new curbing project before we  install the new parking lot.This ensures a smooth and seamless transition from the curb to the pavement, enhancing the appearance and functionality of your parking lot.We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to guarantee layout, drainage, and elevations.#concrete #asphalt #paving #blacktop #curbing
Team Buck Brothers has landed in Tampa for the National Pavement Expo 2024! 🛬Jacob Buck is set to share insights on SEO and Social Media. Alongside him, Chad Buck, Zach Buck, and Danny are ready to learn, explore, and network with the best in the asphalt industry.Exciting times ahead as we expand our knowledge and connections!#BuckBrothers #NationalPavementExpo2024 #IndustryLeaders #LearningAndGrowing
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What an Unforgettable Weekend! 🏆As we wrap up an incredible time at the Top Contractor Inner Circle Retreat, I'm filled with gratitude and inspiration. The event was a whirlwind of learning, networking, and growth. Here's a snapshot of our journey, along with a photo of me, my day ones, and some of the amazing people we met.There was a moment when we almost missed out on one of the most impactful parts of the event - the circle drill. It's a powerful exercise where everyone sits in a circle and shares a word that encapsulates their experience. Huge thanks to Ryan Austin  for convincing us to stay. I chose the word "Generosity." This event showed me how the generosity of knowledgeable individuals is the cornerstone of such gatherings. Their willingness to share is what makes these events so valuable and transformative.A special highlight was Ed Mylett  private session with us. His insights and wisdom added a unique depth to our experience, leaving us with invaluable takeaways.This retreat wasn't just about business growth; it was a journey of personal and collective enrichment. We're returning home with more than just ideas; we're bringing back a renewed spirit of generosity, ready to infuse it into every aspect of our work at Buck Brothers.Until next time, Naples!#BuckBrothers #TopContractorRetreat #Generosity #Growth #EdMylett #NetworkingSuccess
🌟 Exciting News from Buck Brothers! 🌟This weekend, we're thrilled to be part of the Top Contractor Inner Circle Retreat in Naples, FL! It's not just any event – we're going to be in the company of industry leaders, including the renowned Ed Mylett.As a team dedicated to excellence in the asphalt business, we see this as a golden opportunity. We're all set to expand our knowledge, build valuable connections, and embrace new ideas. These gatherings are a wellspring of inspiration and innovation, and we're eager to soak it all in.Why do we attend these events in the off-season? Simple – we believe in continuous growth and improvement. Everything we learn and experience here will be channeled back into Buck Brothers. It's our way of ensuring that we always deliver the best to our community.Stay tuned as we share our journey and insights from this fantastic retreat. Here's to growth, learning, and paving the way to success!#BuckBrothers #TopContractorRetreat #ContinuousGrowth #AsphaltExcellence #communityfirst
Happy New Year from Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete! Thank you to our incredible customers and team for a great year. We're excited to continue providing top-notch paving and concrete services in 2024. Cheers to a successful and smooth year ahead! 🎉🚧 #HappyNewYear #smoothstart2024 #BuckBrothers
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