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Are you looking for reliable commercial concrete construction services in Northwest Ohio? The Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete team is a leading choice for commercial and industrial construction needs in the area.

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Well-maintained concrete surfaces are far more likely to attract the right business.

The exterior of any industrial or commercial building can work for or against you, and well-maintained concrete surfaces are far more likely to attract the right business.

Customers easily notice unsightly cracked sidewalks and potholed parking lots, so why not enlist quick and affordable solutions from a quality commercial concrete contractor like us?

We have served all types of businesses in the Toledo area for over three decades as a trustworthy family-owned and operated construction business.

Our reputation for business excellence and professionalism show in our construction work and customer service alike.

Work with us for a team that will diligently complete your structural concrete project on schedule and within budget.

As a full-service concrete contractor, our experienced professionals provide top-notch service and high-quality concrete services for complex construction projects and more.


Top-notch Commercial Concrete Construction Services

Concrete machinery slabs

Installation of concrete industrial flooring

Concrete floor repair

Concrete floor coating, coloring, and polishing

Demolition and excavation

Crack and joint repair

Steel piling

Decorative finishing

Walls and footing

Technical flatwork

Loading docks

Parking lots


Dolly Pads


Our Commercial Concrete Options

Concrete Industrial Flooring Installation

Concrete is popular as a flooring option for industrialized areas because of its durability. It can withstand years of heavy foot traffic and vehicles with less maintenance than business owners might expect. However, this is only the case with proper installation.

A highly trained team like ours provides various industrial concrete construction services, including reliable flooring installation. We work carefully, using the highest quality materials to ensure that any flooring installation meets your needs for functionality and durability. Our experienced professionals also follow safety standards to the letter to ensure complete customer satisfaction and compliance with local and national regulations.

Concrete Floor Repair

The right skills and equipment make it easy to repair minor cracks and chips independently, but it is best to call a professional concrete contractor like us to handle more severe damage. A reputable concrete floor repair service like ours will typically start by assessing the damage to see whether it is necessary to replace the entire floor. If so, then our reputable commercial concrete experts will help with floor repair in your residential or commercial space and recommend the most cost-effective replacement options.

Concrete Floor Coating, Coloring, and Polishing

As one of the most trusted companies in Northwest Ohio for concrete coating, coloring, and polishing, we also provide excellent concrete finishing services. Our construction professionals handle office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and projects within many other commercial spaces. If you want a premium job on the design and specifications, we have the skills and equipment you need.

Technical Concrete Flatwork

Another benefit of using our experienced commercial concrete construction contractor is the technical flatwork possibilities. Why not let us help with your public works projects or any other commercial or residential project? We specialize in technical flatwork design and project construction, including ensuring full compliance with all industry standards.

Expanding Industrial Concrete Construction

Industrial Concrete Demolition and Excavation

Construction clients also rely on us for top-notch concrete excavation and demolition services. We can prepare and clear sites for your project with all our skills and equipment at your disposal. Contact us for any size project and watch us tackle any structural concrete job with integrity, professionalism, and a full commitment to customer satisfaction.

The site concrete will be ready in time for demolition or excavation as per your specific needs and budget. We also emphasize efficiency and increased safety by employing the latest equipment and techniques in excavation and demolition, concrete repair, and other construction or restoration projects.

Crack and Joint Repair

Concrete walls and other surfaces develop cracks due to:

Temperature fluctuations

Incorrect concrete application

Natural wear and tear

Sealing these gaps is essential in preventing water penetration that may compromise structural integrity. Our commercial concrete contractor repairs these surfaces as quickly as possible, which also prevents potholes and shifting concrete. If you would like to improve the aesthetics of your concrete walls, crack and joint repair is an affordable solution.

Trench Drains

Most businesses do not prioritize the construction or repair of the drainage systems in our office buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities. However, it is a critical component that could need costly repairs and inconvenient downtime if it goes wrong. Our Northwest Ohio team has been providing trench drain design, construction, and maintenance services for over three decades.

Protection Posts

Durable protection posts play an integral role in effectively delineating boundaries, limiting unwanted access, and safeguarding traffic areas. We are a premier provider of high-quality concrete protection posts in Northwest Ohio, no matter the styles or finishes you want to highlight in your industry niche. These installations also make it easy to upgrade safety and security measures while improving aesthetics.

Concrete Piling

Concrete piling refers to the concrete columns under the foundations of residential or light commercial buildings. Our high-quality commercial concrete piling will last as long as your concrete foundation, which is the value you would expect from an experienced concrete contractor like Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete.

Other Services from Our Commercial Contractor

Decorative Finishing

Does your commercial space need a concrete construction company that offers outstanding decorative finishes? Our team handles all concrete surfaces, including walls, walkways, patios, and flooring. Our process can add a touch of color, polished shine, or intricate pattern for a unique commercial space that does not compromise safety.

Loading Docks

As a permanent concrete construction, the structural integrity of a loading deck needs loading dock construction experts with hands-on experience. Thankfully, we have been delivering top-quality concrete loading docks to commercial customers in various industries across Northwest Ohio for over 30 years, and we can do the same for you.

Parking Lots

What is the first thing commercial customers see as they arrive? The parking lot. A maintained and attractive area communicates much about your approach to business.

Why not take advantage of our professional parking lot services for concrete parking lots that last for years?


A commercial building’s sidewalks see plenty of traffic from clients, employees, and delivery personnel. Moving vehicles and heavy machinery also wear down the surface quickly, which is why concrete sidewalks are a more affordable long-term solution. Ask our reliable concrete construction company about sidewalk installation projects, including our wide selection of finishes for safety and aesthetics in this busy space.

Dolly Pads

Is your operation transporting heavy equipment? High-quality dolly pads like ours play an integral role in safeguarding this equipment and ensuring efficient transportation processes.


A trustworthy concrete foundation specialist like ours has over thirty years of experience in laying concrete slabs across Northwest Ohio. Be sure to ask us more about our work on foundations for offices, retaining walls, and numerous other concrete construction projects in the area.

Northwest Ohio’s Top Choice for Commercial Concrete

Concrete construction is at the heart of what we do for our Northwest Ohio customers, no matter what you need for your next structural concrete project.

Why not look into our commercial concrete services in Toledo or Northwest Ohio?

Call Buck Brothers Asphalt Paving & Concrete at (419) 536-7325 today or fill out our online request form to learn more about our commercial concrete services.

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