Asphalt Overlay Repair

Make your Asphalt Driveway and Parking Lot Look New Again

The deterioration of asphalt is the result of a combination of certain factors. Deferred maintenance, soft sub-base, inadequate asphalt thickness, heavy traffic, poor drainage, excessive moisture or just being worn out from age can all play a significant role in the failure of your asphalt pavement.

Though an asphalt paving surface can be deteriorated, it can still maintain the structural integrity required to accept an asphalt paving overlay. An asphalt overlay is a new layer of asphalt applied directly over the existing asphalt. Damaged and deteriorated areas are patched and repaired prior to the asphalt overlay.

Asphalt Overlay installations are typically 1 ½ to 2 inches thick depending on specific requirements, and give the look and feel of new asphalt at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement job.

Save Money and Time with an Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt Overlays are usually significantly cheaper than removing and replacing old asphalt, and can be a cost effective way to get a few more years out of your driveway or parking lot. Even more beneficial is that overlays can be done quickly, with no need for asphalt removal and only minimal repairs needed to the original surface to prepare it for the overlay. This makes asphalt overlays an economical solution best used in commercial asphalt applications and large parking lots and driveways.

By reducing the amount of asphalt needed, and cutting down on removal and repair costs, Buck Brothers Asphalt can get your Toledo area driveway or parking lot looking brand new again overnight.

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