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Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating for Schools and Universities

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Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating for Schools and Universities

Smooth, durable asphalt is critical for accessibility, safety and aesthetics at educational facilities. With constant traffic from vehicles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians, parking lots and pathways incur significant wear-and-tear. Keeping these surfaces in good repair promotes secure, welcoming environments for students, faculty, parents and visitors.

For over 70 years, Buck Bros has been the premier expert in asphalt paving and maintenance for universities, colleges, boarding schools and public school districts across the region. With advanced techniques, quality materials and experienced crews, we deliver exceptional, long-lasting results. Our consultative approach, total project coordination and lifetime workmanship guarantee provide complete confidence and peace-of-mind.

Buck Bros – The Premier Asphalt Company for Education Facilities

Unparalleled Quality and Experience

With seven decades strictly focused on asphalt surfacing, Buck Bros offers an unmatched level of expertise. We utilize the most advanced techniques and highest grade materials to construct surfaces that endure high-traffic loads with ease. Our specialized sealcoating solutions provide maximum durability and weather resistance. We advise on best practices for optimized long-term performance and lifecycle cost savings.

We have successfully executed thousands of paving projects at K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and private academies. Our teams are highly experienced in navigating the unique requirements, regulations and decision processes for educational organizations. We work seamlessly with facilities management and builders to actualize designs.

Exceptional Safety Record

Student, teacher and visitor security is our top priority. Our risk management protocols meet exacting institutional standards, with stringent supervision of crew members all having passed background checks. We direct thorough traffic control when working in active parking lots and pathways using clearly marked signage, cones and temporary barriers.

Ongoing OSHA safety training ensures our people are certified in the latest techniques and equipped with high visibility gear, breathing/hearing protection and other precautions. We monitor projects vigilantly, often exceeding rules to eliminate any conceivable hazards.

Seamless Project Delivery

With fine-tuned systems for each construction phase, Buck Bros delivers flawless, on-time completion regardless of project size or complexity. We interface closely with facilities and maintenance leadership so all stakeholders are continuously updated. Our teams arrive punctually each day with the necessary equipment, materials and protective structures to maintain efficient momentum.

Meticulous planning is conducted upfront using proprietary project mapping software. Activities are sequenced to minimize disruption to campus operations and access restrictions. For maximum accountability we assign an experienced project manager as the single point of contact from approval to final walkthrough.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

The Buck Bros experience is defined by white glove partnership service. We assign senior advisors to provide consultative guidance on technical considerations, cost optimization, timelines and other critical factors. For larger campuses, we help establish multi-year paving programs updated annually based on priority areas.

Our customers enjoy complete assurance thanks to guaranteed lifetime workmanship on every job. Any deficiencies that emerge are promptly addressed by our responsive maintenance crews at no additional cost. We aim to build lasting relationships, with many clients staying loyal for 10+ years given our consistent delivery.

Asphalt Paving and Repairs by Buck Bros

With full in-house capabilities, Buck Bros offers a comprehensive range of asphalt services specially designed forUniversities/colleges:

New Parking Lot Construction

On new builds or total transformations, we handle the complete pavement job from start to finish. Rigorous site evaluation determines the optimal grading strategy and subsurface requirements:


Packing earth/aggregate to stabilize base


Fine grading for precision surfaces


Surface contours, catch basins to control runoff

We apply the latest materials and proven methodologies to create super durable asphalt. This includes:

Asphalt mix

Custom recipes for climate, traffic loads


Stone aggregate for strength, texture


Advanced adhesives resist cracking, deformation

Meticulous quality control testing is conducted throughout paving including compaction density, slope calibration and surface smoothness. We configure parking spaces, fire lanes, pedestrian zones and other features according to plans using paint, signage and concrete dividers.

asphalt work

Parking Lot Expansions and Overlays

To increase parking capacity or overhaul aging surfaces, our expert crews perform seamless expansions and overlays. We first repair any severely degraded sections via patching or milling. For enhanced adhesion, the original surface is pressure washed and primed.

The new asphalt layer is then installed using heavy rollers for optimum compaction. To match the thickness and elevation we feather edges smoothly into existing surfacing. Finally the expanded area is fully re-striped for continuous visibility and safety. Compared to full reconstructions, smart overlays minimize costs, materials use and downtime.

Complete Parking Lot Replacement

In cases of extensive underlying damage or where a complete reconfiguration is needed, Buck Bros performs full parking lot removal and replacement. We first conduct milling using powerful rotatory grinders to remove the top asphalt course down to base level. This creates a pristine canvas for rebuild working around any embedded infrastructure like drains or conduits.

After fine grading and compaction, new asphalt is laid matching specified depth and formulation. We integrate the latest smart parking technologies like digital wayfinding signage, occupancy detection and EV charging prewiring. Finally a customized paint scheme reinforces flow paths, pedestrian zones, accessibility and code compliance. Though disruptive, wholesale reconstructions allow reimagined layouts and modern construction.

Sealcoating and Line Striping

Sealcoating protects integrity plus greatly improves appearance with an uniform dark black finish. We apply refined tar emulsions using spray systems for complete, consistent coverage then embed with durable minerals. Fresh striping visually defines parking stalls, vehicle lanes, pedestrian crossings and roadways. This includes signage for accessibility like handicap spaces and directional arrows.

Regular sealcoating every 2-4 years prevents deterioration from weathering, gas/oil drips and other exposure. We use eco-friendly water-based paints suitable for high foot traffic areas. For large staging areas, brightness is enhanced by reflectors and contrast borders in stairways. Proper demarcation enhances safety and order from a liability and compliance perspective.

All Types of Repairs

In high-use environments issues like cracks, pockmarks and subsidence are unavoidable. Buck Bros offers rapid response for any repair – big or small. We own advanced equipment like trench cutters, jackhammers, and pavement mills to remove damaged sections surgically. After preparing the void, we backfill with hotmix asphalt then tamp until smooth and level.

For cracked surfaces, we route paths precisely then perform crack sealing. Specialized fill material is forced deep inside such voids. Once cured, the elastic resultants flex without deterioration. We likewise address common problems like birdbaths and slippage zones cost-effectively without fully resurfacing. Contact us anytime for fixes – our fleet services the entire region.

Educational Institution Projects

With successful initiatives for education facilities of all sizes, Buck Bros has an incredible portfolio. Some recent examples include:

Pike Delta York High School

  • 200k square feet
  • Mill & fill asphalt replacement
  • Sealcoating and line striping
  • Site concrete work

St Joan of Arc School

  • 100k square feet
  • Complete mill & fill reconstruction
  • Line striping upgrades

University of Toledo

  • 1 million square feet
  • Sealcoating and crack repairs
  • Comprehensive line striping

Contact us today to add your institution’s success story!


With Buck Bros your campus gains a long-term asphalt care partner, not just a one-off vendor. Let us provide industry-leading quality, safety and service for all surfacing needs however routine or complex. Our advanced solutions, customer focus and lifetime guarantees provide full confidence and value. We invite you to reach out today for a complimentary consultation and estimate by our senior advisors.

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