Our Projects – Commercial Parking Lot Paving at Dunkin Donuts in Perrysburg, Ohio

The Client:

Dunkin Donuts is a well-known coffee and doughnut company with a global presence. Their Perrysburg, Ohio location was in need of parking lot maintenance to ensure customer safety, improve aesthetics, and maintain operational efficiency.

The Challenge:

The Dunkin Donuts parking lot was showing signs of significant wear and tear. The pavement was uneven and cracked, which posed safety risks for customers and vehicles. Moreover, the lot markings were faded, making navigation difficult. The parking bumpers were also deteriorating, further risking potential vehicle damage. The full removal and replacement of the asphalt would be an expensive endeavor that could disrupt business operations.

The Buck Bros. Solution:

Buck Bros., known for its innovative and cost-effective solutions in commercial asphalt paving in Perrysburg, recommended a 2-inch asphalt overlay instead of a full lot replacement. This strategy, often called asphalt parking lot overlay, allows for the repair and renovation of the parking area without the need for complete removal of the existing lot.

By providing a fresh layer of asphalt on top of the old pavement, Buck Bros. could effectively seal off old cracks and level the parking lot surface, extending its lifespan. This approach saved Dunkin Donuts significant time and money, while also offering a practical solution that didn’t compromise on the parking lot’s durability or safety.

After the overlay was completed, Buck Bros. conducted line striping to clearly delineate parking spaces and traffic directions, enhancing the parking lot’s safety and navigability. Lastly, they installed new concrete parking bumpers, ensuring vehicle safety within the newly refurbished parking lot.

The Results:

The Buck Bros. team transformed Dunkin Donuts’ dilapidated parking lot into a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional space. Their solution offered the same life expectancy as a new parking lot but at a fraction of the cost.

Buck Bros. demonstrated their expertise in commercial asphalt paving, asphalt parking lot overlay, line striping, and installation of concrete parking bumpers. The successful completion of this project underlines their commitment to providing cost-effective and efficient services, making them a top choice for commercial asphalt overlay and parking lot asphalt repair in Perrysburg, Ohio.

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